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Featured products

Maker Solo

Designed for the individual, Maker Solo provides the ideal device for having fun and learning at the same time by building fantastic creations and by programming the Maker to solve endless challenges. Ready to use straight from the box, Maker is ready for action, just plug in, program and play.
152.25 (AED) Incl Tax

Young Innovator Kit

Young Innovator Kit is a STEAM toy perfect for educational application while enhancing creativity with active and imaginative play. There are unlimited possibilities for applying these tubes from counting to building 3D shapes and structures.
93.45 (AED) Incl Tax

Adventurer 3

New Generation, Smart and Light! Enclosed chamber with detachable nozzle, removable heated platform and no levelling needed.
2,623.95 (AED) Incl Tax

CDI Project Kits

0.00 (AED) Incl Tax

Maker Squad

The super, economical Maker kits come in two flavours. Designed for the classroom, the Maker Squad is the ideal choice for teachers wanting to engage and excite students on a path of electronic discovery. The Squad Pack contains five Maker kits and it is ready to use immediately, just unpack and plug in. Extra solo kits can be purchased to top up numbers if required.
577.50 (AED) Incl Tax


273.00 (AED) Incl Tax

Finder 3D Printer

The Flashforge Finder is a high quality, 3D printer with the latest extrusion technology, suitable for education, engineering, design and home/hobby printing. Fully assembled, user-friendly and loaded with easy to use features, Finder is capable of printing ‘right out of the box’, with only a few ‘tweaks’, making it the perfect starter printer and the first choice for 3D printing novices and educators.
2,308.95 (AED) Incl Tax


Want to blow your student’s minds with educational robotics and see levels of learning and engagement that are off the charts? Meet Edison, this dynamic little robot is super strong and designed with the latest technology to lead the learner into the exciting and rewarding world of Robotics. With easy to use ‘drag and drop’ programming and multiple features, Edison is more than just a robot, turning curiosity into reality, and engaging the learner in the ever-changing world of technology.
187.95 (AED) Incl Tax

Robogem Board Game

A programming game, designed to teach learners to program. Players try to collect gems by programming a robot on the board.
157.50 (AED) Incl Tax