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Maker Solo

Designed for the individual, Maker Solo provides the ideal device for having fun and learning at the same time by building fantastic creations and by programming the Maker to solve endless challenges. Ready to use straight from the box, Maker is ready for action, just plug in, program and play.
152.25 (AED) Incl Tax

Maker Squad

The super, economical Maker kits come in two flavours. Designed for the classroom, the Maker Squad is the ideal choice for teachers wanting to engage and excite students on a path of electronic discovery. The Squad Pack contains five Maker kits and it is ready to use immediately, just unpack and plug in. Extra solo kits can be purchased to top up numbers if required.
577.50 (AED) Incl Tax

Electro Kit

The ibtibot Electro Kit contains a selection of Arduino compatible, input and output sensors and components designed to get the learner started with programming and hardware interaction using the Arduino programming language. The kit offers a great introduction to the world of electronics and includes everything needed to complete circuits, teaching the learner how to read sensors and more.
208.95 (AED) Incl Tax

Discovery Kit

The ibtibot Discovery Kit is a ‘plug and play’ module-based kit that contains a selection of Arduino compatible, input and output sensors designed to focus learner attention on programming and real-world sensor operations. Each module is constructed with a series of components, securely mounted on a board and ready to be ‘plugged’ in to complete a specific task.
288.75 (AED) Incl Tax

Tesla Kit

Ibtibot Tesla Kit is named after Nikola Tesla, an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who was responsible for numerous inventions including the AC electric power system still in use today. The ibtibot Tesla Kit is a stand-alone ‘Electronics Playground’.
418.95 (AED) Incl Tax

140 pc Jumper Cable Wire Kit

10.50 (AED) Incl Tax 21.00 (AED) Incl Tax

CDI Project Kits

0.00 (AED) Incl Tax


273.00 (AED) Incl Tax

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